Quick Eligibility Check

I am an Australian Citizen

You need to be an Australian citizen to serve in the Army.

I am over 16.5 years old or 16 years old to join the army

These are application ages but you need to be at least 17 when you enter the army.

My background can be checked

To achieve the minimum security clearance you must have lived in Australia or have a checkable background for the past ten years.

I have passed Year 10 English and Maths

This is the minimum entry-level requirement.

I have the required licences for my role

For certain roles, you may need to hold a current licence to perform your duties, such as a trade, plant, machinery or manual driver's licence.

I am reasonably fit and healthy

You'll need to pass a physical fitness test before you join.

If you passed

If you passed and want to enlist in the

Army, Navy or Airforce then click on the Apply Now Below.